Christian Bridal Makeup Looks – How to do it!

For a very delicate look at a Christian Wedding, the white dress needs to be accessorised well, and the right makeup is a must. The most popular and safe choice is to use silver and pink, Top Christian Bridal Makeup Artist, Best Christian Bridal Makeup Looks, Bridal Makeup Artist in Jaipur, Bridal Makeup Artist in Adarsh Nagar. Here is a detailed version of makeup steps you can follow for a simple yet elegant look on your big day. Bridal Makeup Artist in Jaipur How to do Christian bridal make-up: 1. On the bottom: Hide Trouble Spots: You can hide dark spots, patches, under-eye circles, and fine lines on your face with a good concealer. Also, putting concealer on the neck needed a smooth look all over. Choose a base based on the colour of your skin and apply: Use a colour that is the same as or lighter than the skin tone to make a base for the makeup. This will not only make the make-up look better, but it will also make it last longer.

How to Dab Base: (Top Christian Bridal Makeup Artist )

Use a makeup puff to keep the base in place and dab it on your face and neck to blend and make a smooth base. Do Face Correction to Showcase Your Face: The shape of the face can be improved by drawing attention to the cheekbones and jawline. Then bring out the opposite areas and make sure they blend well. Apply face powder to your face and neck and blend well: Lastly, apply face powder and blend it into the skin to give the base a smooth finish. Use a cotton swab to remove any extra powder that could make the foundation look cakey. 2. For the eyes, start by putting on loose powder: Christian Bridal Makeup Looks – How to do it! Put loose powder on the eyelids and under the eyes. Use silver highlighter on the brow bone and around the eyes: Top Christian Bridal Makeup Artist Use a silver highlighter to fully cover the brow bone, the crease, and the eyes. There are different colours, so pick one that goes with your skin tone. Best Christian Bridal Makeup Looks Pink Eye Shadow on the Inner Eye Area and Black Eye Shadow on the Crease Area: This is tricky because you have to use pink and black eye shadow on the inner and outer eye areas in a way that makes them look like they overlap. Use the mixture twice to get the dark result you want.

Black Powder Eye Liner:

Use a thin brush to apply powdered eyeliner to the eyelids. This gives the eyes a pretty colour and makes them look full. In the same way, put powdered eyeliner on the lower lid as well. Apply Kajal and blend well for thick eyebrows: Even if your eyebrows are thick, you will still need to use kohl and blend it so that it goes with the rest of your look and doesn’t look too light. Apply Kajal and Mascara: Bridal Makeup Artist in Adarsh Nagar Make sure to only put mascara on your upper and lower eyelashes and not anywhere else. Outline the lower eye as needed with a dark Kajal. Take the loose powder off under your eyes and touch the base to that area. 3. The Cheeks: The cheeks are brought out in a simple way, and neutral colours are best. Part of “Blusher on an Apple” Apply a light pink or beige blush to the apples of your cheeks, starting at the inside and working your way up to the hairline. Highlighter on Cheeks: Use the same highlighter on your cheeks or a lighter shade of silver or pink that goes with the colours you used for your eyes. Face and Neck with Shimmer, and Blend Well: Bridal Makeup Artist in Jaipur Lastly, put shimmer on your face and neck and blend it well with a thick brush. 4: Outline the lips and fill in the colour correctly: Outline your lips with a sober pink and fill them in with the colour using a lip brush. Lipstick: Then, put a clear gloss over the colour to make it shine even more. Please don’t do too much, because it could make the lips look full. I hope that this detailed explanation of Christian bridal makeup will help you get the look you want on the most important day of your life.

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