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India knows Bengali weddings for being calm, peaceful, and quiet. When dressing a Bengali bride, glitters and bright colours are a big yes. Bengali women have very sharp features, which they show off well because Bengalis are naturally very artistic. The saris they wear are red and have a lot of gold jari work. Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Jaipur, When dressing a Bengali bride, the colour “red” is a must. The bride’s makeup is usually very bright, shiny, and sparkly, and they wear a lot of gold. Bengali Bridal Makeup Parlour, Top Bengali Bridal Makeup Artist,  How to do Bengali Bridal Makeup?

How to do Bengali Bridal Makeup?

Face wash and a good moisturiser are needed. Concealer Eye shadow Eyeliner Lipstick Powder in a box/loose powder Primer Lip balm Mascara Kajal Bengali Bridal Makeup Parlour Lip gloss Lip liner Eyelash extensions Pencil for brows Paint that is good for the environment. Earplugs or toothpicks. Cleansing: Use a good face wash to get rid of dirt and other messes on your face. Use a towel to dry your face. After that, use a good toner. Moisturize: Use a good moisturiser that is right for your skin type to keep your skin hydrated and free of rough spots.

Primer: (Bengali Bridal Makeup Parlour)

To make the makeup last longer, a primer should be put on the base. Concealer: To hide dark spots and other flaws, you should use a good-quality concealer. It should be put on the eye area, blemishes, and other spots. Foundation: It’s essential to be very careful when choosing a good foundation from a well-known brand. It should go with the colour of your skin. Most of the time, one should take a tone darker than their skin. Foundation should be put on in dots and moved around in a circle. Rosewater can be used to mix the foundation into the skin. Makeup for the eyes: It should be used carefully to give the eyes a nice, sparkling look. Eye shadow: You should choose a bright coral colour or shades of gold and red. Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Jaipur, Using more than one colour, you should blend them well with a good makeup brush. To make the eyes look bigger, apply two lines of eye shadow to the brow bone. Eye Liner: Use a thick liner on your eyes. To make it look artistic, it has wings that go outward. Kajal: You should use a thick line of kajal. Kajal should be put on the eyes in a way that makes them stand out. Choose a kajal that is waterproof and won’t smudge. False eyelashes: Most Bengali brides have thick eyelashes, but you don’t have to worry if you don’t. False eyelashes are always a good way to make your eyes stand out. Mascara: Put on two to three coats of good mascara that curls. Blush: You should choose red blush. If you already have a lot of eye makeup on, try to avoid glittery blush. Use it on your cheekbones to make them stand out.

Loose Powder/Pressed Powder:

Use a small amount of loose powder or pressed powder. Be careful not to use it too much. Just dab a bit. Before putting on lipstick, you should use a good lip balm to keep your lips moist and soft. Lipliner needs to be used. One should choose a bright red colour or red with different shades. Use a lipstick brush to put on the lipstick. Gloss is not a must. Top Bengali Bridal Makeup Artist, Use a piece of blotting paper to get rid of the extra lipstick. If you want your lipstick to last longer, put on a coat of loose powder and then dab it with a piece of paper. Motifs: This is something that only Bengali brides have. On the foreheads of Bengali brides, there are patterns that change between red and white. You can see the picture to understand it well. It can be as simple as a circle of red and white dots, or it can follow a certain trend. It’s a unique way of putting on makeup. Paints that are good for the environment can be chosen. This can be drawn perfectly with toothpicks or earbuds. Bindi: A big red bindi, which is a must-have for a Bengali bride, should finish off the look. Wearing the golden-red sari in a traditional and unique way is important. A good hairstyle, preferably a bun, should also be picked to go with the outfit and makeup. Use these tips to get special makeup that will give you a beautiful, glittery look that will make a million people fall in love with you, especially the groom.

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